The Shoulder Joint is a ball and socket joint. The head of the arm bone goes into a hollow socket which is attached to the shoulder bone. The movement of the ball within the shoulder socket provides the range of movement to the arm. Shoulder Joint has the maximum mobility of all the joints in the body. Due to this mobility the shoulder joint is most prone to be dislocated. Shoulder Dislocation happens when the ball pops out of the socket. In such cases the cartilage called labrum gets injured which is known as Bankart Tear.

Shoulder Dislocation causes severe pain and unsteadiness in the shoulder. It is sometimes clearly visible to the naked eye in the form of deformity. Other symptoms of shoulder dislocation could be swelling, weakness, numbness and bruising. You must immediately consult a shoulder specialist who would do a thorough physical examination and may follow it up with diagnostic tests like X-Ray, MRI and Electromyography.


Shoulder Dislocation can be treated easily by manipulating the shoulder joint and putting it back into the socket. This procedure is called Closed Reduction. One must not risk the shoulder joint by going to a `Pehalwan' who do not understand the anatomy of the shoulder joint and can cause long term damage to the joint. Once the shoulder is in place the pain would subside. The arm would be immobilized in a sling for several weeks to let the shoulder heal.

In case the shoulder dislocation is accompanied with Bankart Lesion Tear then Arthroscopic Surgery is done to reattach the torn Labrum to the socket. This is a minimally invasive procedure in which only small incisions are given and the surgery is done using by magnifying the joint on a large TV screen. The arm would be immobilized for 4 weeks after the surgery. Physical therapy would start after one week of the surgery and would continue for 4 months to strengthen the shoulder muscles which will prevent any recurrence of the injury.


The cost of closed reduction of the shoulder joint would be in the range of Rs. 25000 - 35000 while the cost of Arthroscopic Bankart Repair would be in the range of Rs. 1,20,000 - 1,50,000 depending on the hospital chosen and the category of room within the hospital. The hospital stay would be one day and the total recovery period would be 4-6 months. The patients can resume sporting activities 6 months after the surgery but can do all their routine work much before that. The patient is not required to do any bed rest in this surgery. The recovery period in open surgery for Bankart repair would be more than the Arthroscopic Surgery. If the age of the patient is more than 50 years then conservative treatment for bankart repair is the preferred option.

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